Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Final Reflective Post

I have learned so much valuable information this semester in the EME2040 class that will help me in the future as a teacher.  Before this class I was uncertain how integrating technology into the classroom would benefit students.  But I now realize that if technology is used appropriately and correctly it helps students grasp concepts and stimulates learning at a higher level.  Technology allows teachers to reach those students who have learning difficulties or who may not be interested in a certain subject.  Learning becomes more interesting and fun when technology is added.  The YouTube video below explains how technology in an elementary classroom can benefit students in a number of ways.  

This class was challenging, but I enjoyed working on the different assignments.  My favorites were the Webquest and the Collaborative Lesson Plan.  When a normal lesson plan is transformed and built into a Webquest students learn at a higher level.  I know that this will be a valuable tool for my classroom and I believe students will benefit and enjoy learning with Webquests.  

I enjoyed working on the Collaborative Lesson Plan because it involved preparing a lesson for students who may be in your class that do not fully understand English.  I became interested in this area of teaching when I learned how students who come to America from other countries struggle in the classroom to learn.  They have the capability to learn but due to the language barrier they often fall behind and feel intimidated.  I hope I can make a difference and help these students be successful. 

There are so many useful technology recourses available to teachers than can make their jobs easier and more efficient.  Some of my favorites are:

Delicious.com:  This website allows you to save valuable links in one place and access them anywhere you have an internet connection. 

Weebly.com:  This website allows teachers to easily create a class website that both students and parents can access to keep up with what is going on in the classroom.

Student Participation System:  This tools allows students to participate in a discussion by answering questions using a clicker.  The teacher immediately sees the responses and knows whether to go over a particular point in the lesson or to continue.  This gives opportunity for feedback which allows the student to better process the information that is being taught at that moment. 

Teachers also can use:

Social Media
Educational websites
Lesson planning websites

And the list goes on.....

Teachers have such an important job in educating children.  I believe some people are just meant to be teachers.  As teachers what are some of the most important things to teach, to be, to do?  I found this interesting article on teachthought.com: Teacher: This is What I Need From You that answers these questions from a student’s perspective.     

This poem by William Arthur Ward says it all:

The mediocre teacher tells.
The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher inspires.

-- William Arthur Ward

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